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The story behind Ancestral Roots Farm


Ancestral Roots  is a powerful name. A name to remind us where we come from. Thousands of years ago we prospered with simplicity. We are now plagued with sickness unhappiness and have lost our way with nutrition.


But humans have an incredible ability to heal from anything. Ancestral Roots farm hopes to be a beacon in connecting people with the sense of community between your fellow neighbour, learn about the food we eat and teach each other to live a happier healthier lifestyle. We are all here to help each other and learn together, Ancestral Roots will always be your neighbour and support.


The farm produces food based on a permaculture and sustainable methods to insure the produce is incredibly high in nutrient content. Not only does it taste better our body thrives on the diversity of nutrients that nature provides.

The Leader of the Pack
Derek Bachman

     Just a man who wants to do everything. Humble beginnings growing up in Vancouver classically trained as a chef and the passion of connecting food as a art form lead a progressive career in fine dining. For years of a successful career it was a drive to cook in different countries predominantly Australia and New Zealand at some of the top restaurants. But this is only where the story begins. Opportunities came to be a private chef for some of the wealthiest clients in many of these countries. Understanding food was now not enough , understanding Nutrition became not only an important resource but an obsession. "How can you cook and not understand why or what the purpose of the food is doing in the body?" Just as food heals it is the key to getting sick. 

This now began the journey to CSNN (Canadian school of natural nutrition), Functional Nutritional Alliance and University of Hawthorn studying Functional nutrition. So how do you teach a wealth of knowledge? Be at the gateway where people connect with food. Ancestral roots farm is all about learning and enjoying the food we grow. Connecting with all the people who love to teach and pass on their incredible knowledge, stories, hardships, passions and ideas. Collaborate to progress and find the best version of yourself and from that you can heal anything. Ancestral Roots Farm is Dereks dream to work together and to help find  the fundamentals we have forgotten.





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